Sunday, 16 November 2008

How exciting was that?

Well knock me down with a feather. Everyone (even John Sergeant) raised their game this week.

First up was Jodie and Ian with a wonderful quickstep - she was light and fleet and graceful. I was so pleased for her after last week's dreadful samba. This was definitely her best dance of the series, but as she clearly is never going to get Latin my money's on her going next time she's got to do a latin dance.

Then it was Lisa and Brendan (Lisa resplendent in the weirdest orange dress I've ever seen - but much loved by my eldest daughter who adores all things orange) doing a not desperately exciting samba. I thought she looked stiff and awkward and lacked hip movement, but the judges seemed to like it, and only Bruno mentioned the hips.

Then Christine and Matthew danced a waltz, and whoopeedodah, I actually liked it. I thought it was charming and graceful and rather lovely. Maybe she's not boring after all. Perhaps she is just very very nice and therefore the waltz is her dance. I;d say that was her best dance of the competition also.

Cherie and James then danced a cha cha cha (or is it cha cha?)and while this wasn't her best dance of the series, it was definitely her best latin attempt, though I'd be inclined to agree with the judges she does it a little too neatly. Somehow at the moment her latin lacks fire in its belly, but I hope she's done enough to keep her in as I still want to see her in the final.

Austin and Erin's tango was the dance of the night for me - I thought it was superb, and I think having been rather dismissive of Austin I'm finally getting his appeal now. I loved the bit when they showed him going into his daughter's school. Wonderful.

I actually also really liked Rachel and Vincent's rumba which seemed rather more tender then sensual in a way. Not sure I agreed with all those tens but she can't possibly be in the dance off this week can she?

Then it was John and Kristina who were abysmal as usual (though not as bad as last week) and made me laugh as usual. It really is time that he went though, so I do hope he's voted off tonight while people still like him. (Mind you the children are adamant he should stay as they prefer the entertainment value to the dancing...) I loved the way they scooted off upstairs without waiting to hear what the judges had to say. But they were pleasantly surprised by the judges being NICE to them - Arlene even went so far as to say she got why the public like him (which may actually have been calculated to get the public voting him off, who know?) So, if he does go out this week at least he'll go out on a high...

Last but not least was Tom and Camilla. I loved their salsa which was steamy and hot and such a lot of fun. It made me want to get up and bop along with them, and even had the effect of my dance shy husband admitting that maybe he would give it a go (little does HE know what I'm planning to give him for Christmas...)

My money is on Lisa and John being in the dance off, but you never know how the public will vote so it will probably be Tom and Rachel.

And in the meantime, if you missed Children in Need on Friday, here's Terry Wogan showing that actually, John Sergeant isn't half bad...

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