Monday, 3 November 2008

Halfway House

So we're at the halfway point in Strictly and the competition is certainly hotting up.

I much preferred this week's episode, which felt a lot more fun then last week's.

I loved Jodie's waltz. Really lovely, even if she was dressed as Cinderella (she reminded me of the people who dress up in Disneyland. Odd to do that when you're not four). She definitely does better in the ballroom dances as she's so graceful, but though I do do love her, I can't see her making the final three. She's working hard at it, but I wouldn't say she has much natural talent.

Christina looked lovely, and was tremendously graceful, but I still find her a bit of a nonentity personality and dancing wise. I'm sure she'll be in a dance off soon.

Lisa and Brendan's tango was great. I love the tango, so stylish and sexy, and I think they pulled it off. Lisa has improved hugely. I'm still not convinced she's going to be in the top three, but she's biting at the heels of Cherie and Rachel in a way I wouldn't have predicted a few weeks ago.

Cherie's salsa was sadly disastrous. I was hugely relieved she didn't end up in the dance off, as I feared she might. Hopefully, she'll get a dance more suited to her again. I still want her in the final, but am coming to the conclusion she won't win because she can't do the latin dances.

Heather was also a disaster, which was a shame after last week. And she always looks so much better in training. Though she survived this week, I can't see her getting through next time (except if she has to dance against John Sergeant, whom the judges are no doubt going to vote off without even watching him.)

John was as ever hilarious to watch. I still love him to pieces, but it is getting to the stage in the competition when he is going to have to go because the only people remaining are the people who can dance, so it wouldn't be fair to keep him (even for my research purposes).

I missed Tom's cape action, and Rachel's jive, but I think both are still demonstrating they are top contenders. Have a feeling if Cherie has another slip up Rachel will bag that place in the final.

Austin and Erin were simply the best this week. I think they are the clear front runners. Everyone else has a lot of catching up to do.

Which just leaves Andrew. Finally, finally. He got voted off. And rightly too. We were in stitches watching him dance, those hand movements. That bottom sticking out like a pregnant duck (though I suppose it kind of matched Ola's weird flamingo costume). But, he was utterly charming in defeat, and I thought his thank you speech was lovely and well meant. So hurrah for Andrew. (And also hurrah for not crying. Am getting very fed up with seeing people crying on TV, particularly men).

I predict Heather and John will be in next week's dance off, with John to go, and Christina and Jodie to be following soon. I'd still really love Jodie to suddenly develop into a dancing queen, but I can't quite see it not really. (She has given me an idea for a character for my next book though. I had no idea when I started watching Strictly what a good research tool it was going to be.)

The results show was as weird as ever apart from Anton and Flavia's hilarious dance. I thought that was brilliant, and made me wish I'd had more time learning from the master...

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