Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Dance like no one's looking

Today I was given a mission by my editor.

In order to properly research my latest book I have agreed to undergo dancing lessons. In order to maximise the publicity possibilities inherent in this, my mission should I choose to accept it is that I shall thereafter blog about my attempts to do so.

Given that I have two left feet and no sense of rhythm, this could be highly amusing.

On the other hand I do love to dance...

So tonight I am going to attend my first ballroom dancing lesson. Excitingly given by someone who was on Strictly Come Ballroom in 2005. Which is just a bit exciting.

I'm going to have a one to one lesson with her on Thursday, which is even more exciting.

And little does my husband know it, but I'm buying us both a dancing lesson for his birthday...

At the heart of my latest book (which bears the tentative title Strictly Love) is these four lines, which are attributed to everyone from Mark Twain to a Chinese Proverb.

I don't care where they're from.

I just love them.

Love like you've never been hurt
Dance like no one's looking

Work like you don't have to
Live like Heaven on Earth

I sincerely hope no one is looking too much tonight...


Political Umpire said...

As a father, am I automatically exempted from dancing blogs on the basis that 'dad's dancing' tends to cause irrepairable trauma to young children?

My two year old, on the other hand, is a damn fine mover, he appreciates anything from Enya to the Madagascar soundtrack, so is versatile too. I will tell him to take an interest in this new project.

Nic said...

Oooh, how exciting!

As a mad keen strictly fan, I am desperate to know who's going to be teachign you - aren't I a sad sap!

Jane Henry said...

PU Dad dancing is an essential part of being a dad!!

Nic, not sad at all - I haven't named her because I haven't got her permission yet. Will ask her when I see her in about an hour!!